•  Walk Through Life


Kerala is fortunate to have several famous personalities who have excelled in their distinct field of activities. They strived and struggled against all odds, and have reached the peak of success by their dedication, determination and courage. A whole generation of Malayalees around the world has been inspired and motivated by the lives of these eminent personalities.

At the same time, there are talented people who made valuable contribution in their respective fields, that we should know about, but don’t. They may be unrecognised, neglected or ignored by the history.

This is attempt to bring to you, the known and unknown personalities, who made a difference to Kerala, in the field of Art, Culture, Literature, Politics, Religion, Industry, Science, Cinema etc.,in a better way.

Let their lives be influencing and encouraging; making you feel proud to be a Malayalee.




സി.കെ.ശശി - നാടകകൃത്ത്, നോവലിസ്റ്റ്, തിരക്കഥാകൃത്ത്, ഗാനരചയിതാവ്



ഒരൊറ്റ ഗാനം കൊണ്ട് ആസ്വാദക മനസ്സിൽ ഇടം നേടിയ ശ്രീ എം എസ് വാസുദേവൻ